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Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Used for examination of live tissue culture, Plankton, Living protozoa etc. in Petridish, culture bottle etc.

  • Fitted with Binocular Head assembled from coated prisms.
  • Quadruple revolving Nose piece, Coarse & Fine graduated slow motion.
  • Large stage with extension plates for large bottles & microfilter work.
  • Provided with two stage clips and a removable central insert.
  • Koehler's system illumination by a 6V-20W halogen bulb controlled by a built-in base variable intensity solid state transformer

Optical Combination

  • Objectives : Achromatic 5x,10x, LWD 20x & LWD 40x
  • Eye Pieces : WF 10x (Paired)
  • Supplied in a sturdy plywood box with all standard accessories.