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We offer a wide variety of Educational Microscopes, Professional Microscopes and even Digital Microscopes and Accessories. We have the largest variety of microscope products and many specialized Microscope Manufacturers for the professional, including Portable Microscope, Biological Microscopes, Tool Maker Microscope, Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope, Polarizing Microscopes, and an Inverted Microscope and high-quality Asbestos Microscopes. Our Microscopes are an excellent way to view live images on a computer monitor or a television screen.

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Binocular Microscope- 1803

  • Rack & Pinion system for coarse motion.
  • Sensitive focusing system free from back lash.
  • Built-in base illumination with halogen lamp 6V 20W continues variable control.
  • Latest co-axial mechanical stage for an extra large viewing area.
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Used for examination of live tissue culture, Plankton, Living protozoa etc. in Petridish, culture bottle etc.

  • Fitted with Binocular Head assembled from coated prisms.
  • Quadruple revolving Nose piece, Coarse & Fine graduated slow motion.
  • Large stage with extension plates for large bottles & microfilter

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Highlights :

  • Widely used in Pathological labs and Educational institutes.
  • Pressure Die-Cast interchangeable components with robust & sturdy construction.
  • Seperate Coarse & graduated Fine Motion with sensitivity of 0.002 mm.
  • Fitted with attachable graduated Mechanical

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